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Virtual Tour of Steam Tunnel Problems

Anchor/ Expansion Joint Common Mistakes--A Detailed Report for NASA at Langley

Water Hammer in Boiler Plants (Column Closure Water Hammer)

Bucket traps can lose their prime upon a sudden pressure drop in the steam system. Link to Incident. (Why this happens is a seminar topic, if requested)

Fascinating historical articles on water hammer in steam systems which correctly anticipated the mechanism of condensation-induced waterhammer from 1882 (by steam pioneer Professor R.H. Thurston on page 404), and 1901, (by the clearly brilliant C.H. Stromeyer, Chief Engineer for the Manchester England Steam System).

Reducing Boiler Steam Pressure

Surviving a Steam Release in a Confined Space

Removing Insulation from Live Steam Lines

Interesting 1951 short paper on extensive damage to 60 foot long 16" pipe built to conduct "Water-Hammer Experiments" with 30 psi steam by Detroit Edison Engineer and Superintendent for Steam Distribution.
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