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Fundamentals of Steam Start-up/ Warm-up

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This is a one-of -a kind seminar for steam fitters and their supervisors. It tosses out the cookbook based on fable and lore, e.g.--a steam system must be warmed up over many hours or days-- in favor of engineering supported calculations and demonstrations showing what's really going on inside a cold steam system when you admit high pressure steam into it. This seminar requires about 2 hours and has been presented on the second day of the Understanding Water Hammer in Steam Systems program. An understanding of Condensation-Induced Water Hammer is imperative to appreciating what steam fitters are trying to avoid when starting up a cold steam system or branch line.
Fundamentals of a Steam Start-up

Seminar Outline

  1. Whats Going On Inside steam pipes at Start-up?
    1. Why might Condensate be Hung Up in the system--A technical discussion with demonstrations
    2. Why Proper Shut Down Matters
    3. Condensate Accumulation as Steam Enters the System at Start-up
    4. Trap Operation at Reduced Steam Pressure
    5. Air in System--getting it out
    6. Expansion Joint Movement

  2. Supervised versus Unsupervised Start-up
  3. Writing a Start-up Procedure
    1. Identifying the “Critical Trap”

  4. Example Procedure--Tennesee State University

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